Doodle Dudes and Dolls

Where Doodlin' is part of our everyday life!

Anderson, SC based breeder for miniature Goldendoodle puppies. Goldendoodles have the friendly, loyal, and obedient traits of a Golden retriever as well as the hypoallergenic qualities of the poodle. Mini-goldendoodles are the perfect pet for you!


This doll is a 31lb. F1B mini doodle. She's 4 years. Bella has had genetic testing, (100% clear), IC test, (proper coat and furnishings) CERF testing, (normal) and Penn Hips testing (normal for breed). She has also had temperament testing. Bella is a fun loving, smart, loyal, perceptive, and hard working dog. She enjoys playing in the yard with her brother Bentley. Bentley is a standard size F1B Golden Doodle. When she is not playing with Bentley, she is romping around with the kids in the backyard, or soaking up the attention of some cuddle time. Bella, however, is not all play. She also has a Monday thru Friday 9-5! Her mom works as a Professional Counselor and Bella works right along side of her. She brings a smile to clients' faces and she is a great comforter.




Keegan is a 12 pound, f1B mini doodle.  She is very athletic, and energetic.  Keegan loves working on obstacle courses and has no fear of anything.  She has had genetic testing, (clear) and IC testing.  She has also had CERF, (eye), BAER (hearing), heart, patella, elbow and PennHip testing, all normal/clear.  She has also had temperment, orthopedic, and health testing.  She is a fun loving, energetic, sweetheart who can jump 4 feet in the air!





Shannon, (05/20/17) is an F1B Mini Doodle.  She weighs 28 pounds.  She has had Genetic, (clear) DNA and IC (proper coat and furnishings) testing.  She's also had CERF (eye), BAER (hearing, heart, patella, elbow, and PennHip testing.  All tests are normal/clear.  She's also had Temperament and general health testing.  Look for her puppies in the fall/winter.

Shannon is the youngest of my pack and always keeps us entertained with her antics!  She loves playing with the kids and other dogs and is just generally in love with life!



We added a new baby to our family. she is in a wonderful guardian home.


We’re excited to announce this new baby! Riley was born on 11/23/18. She will be about 25 pounds. She has had her genetic testing (clear) and is OFA certified for hearing, heart, eyes and patellas.